Why pay for an email service?

Almost everyone has at least one, and usually multiple, free email addresses from the tech giants like Google, Microsoft and Apple. It’s generally mandatory to be able to use services from these companies, like the Google play store, or even just to install Windows and log in on your Windows PC.

Because you already have these free email addresses, it can be convenient to also use them as your main means to send and receive email. In this article I want to discuss a few reasons why you might want to consider a paid email service instead of using these free email addresses everywhere.

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Google free Android

Is it possible to have a usable Android device without Google services or apps installed? Are there open-source, or at least more privacy friendly, alternatives to the Google apps and services most Android users depend on? I have been experimenting with my Android smartphone to find an answer to these questions. With this article I want to share how I have tried to achieve a Google free Android phone and what other options are available or will be available to you in the near future to also obtain a Google free Android device.

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