The purpose of Verummeum is to provide you with interesting articles about software development, open-source projects and gaming. Most of these articles will have a focus on the Linux operating system. We hope you will enjoy our guides, reviews and opinion pieces about the latest developments in the software world.

Verummeum wants to provide a platform for interesting discussions amongst you, our dear readers. For this purpose a comment section is available under each article.

Because Verummeum believes in open source, the complete source code and all articles of Verummeum are available on Github, free to be used under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.

About the author

The creator and author of Verummeum is Philip Vissenaekens, a software developer with an interest in open source and Linux. In 2018, Philip decided to move over completely to Linux. He had been running both Windows and Linux in a dual boot setup for a very long time, and he had tested a number of different Linux distributions during that time. Because it took Philip a long time to make his transition to Linux, he decided to create Verummeum to help others with their transition of using proprietary software to open-source alternatives.

More information

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